Richmond, VA

June 5th - 6th, 2014

RVAsec 2014 Videos


Miss a talk or even the entire conference? No problem! All of the speaker videos and presentations are linked below, or you can view the full Youtube playlist here!

David Kennedy – Keynote

Gene Fishel – Keynote

Ben Tomhave – How to Achieve Success with Cyber Risk Assessment and Analysis

Brian Baskin – Introducing Intelligence into Malware Analysis

David J. Bianco – The Pyramid of Pain: Intel-Driven Detection & Response to Increase Your Adversary’s Cost of Operations

Dan Holden & Elizabeth Martin – Pissing Down The Leg Of Much Of Our Careers; Why Are You People Still Buying Firewalls & IPS?

David Sharpe & Katherine Trame – Real World Intrusion Response – Lessons from the Trenches

Evan Booth – Terminal Cornucopia: Demystifying the Mullet

Inga Goddijn – Cyber Insurance – Worth the Effort or Total Ripoff?

Jayson E. Street – The hacker in the fun house mirror (A talk on skewed perspectives)

Jack Mannino & Abdullah Munawar – How To Find Mobile Internet Love

Joey Peloquin – Offensive Mobile Forensics

Jonathan Dambrot – Third Party Risk Management and Cybersecurity

Kimberley Parsons & Carmen Sullo – Leading Security When the Rest of The Business Doesn’t Care About Security

mubix – Attacker Ghost Stories: Mostly Free Defenses That Gives Attackers Nightmares

Nick Popovich – I Found a Thing and You Can Too: ISP’s Unauthenticated SOAP Service = Find (almost) All the Things!

Pete Herzog – Five Secrets to Building an Amazing Security Culture in Your Organization

Ray Kelly – Man In The Front – Modifying the Android OS for Mobile Application Testing

Schuyler Towne – How to Make a Lock

Seth Hanford – CVSS v3 – This One Goes to 11

Steve Werby – Bad Advice, Unintended Consequences, and Broken Paradigms – Think & Act Different!

Win Amazing Things At RVAsec!

As you know by know, by attending RVAs3c you are getting a lot of amazing things already, as well some great giveaways at the sponsor tables.  We have heard rumors that our friends at Sunera have WiFi Pineapple Mark V Tactical Bundle 6800 mAh and Risk Based Security has an HD Video Camera Spy Pen to raffle off.

What you don’t know is that we are also doing a Passport For Prizes this year!

Each attendee will receive a Passport at registration. If you want to play, then you must visit each sponsor table and obtain a signature or stamp on your Passport–you must complete the entire Passport (including contact information) in order to be eligible for the prize drawings, which will be held at the reception on Friday (sponsored by TruShield). You must be present at the reception to win.

What can you win?
-Exclusive RVAsec Speaker Bag provided by richSEC.  We can’t tell you anymore about it, except for it is EPIC.

– Not just one, but two “Mystery Bags Of Shit” provided by richSEC (in honor of Jericho – this prize also comes with peer pressure to blog about the contents!).

-Phantom Keystroker, RFID Blocking Passport Billfold, 8GB USB Flash Drive Bottle Opener and Butterfly Knife Styled Bottle Opener provided by Risk Based Security

-A $150 dollar gift card to Best Buy provided by GuidePoint Security.

-Amazon Fire TV provided by Prevalent.

And hopefully more items coming soon–this is a raffle you don’t want to miss!

What Is There “To Do” In Richmond, VA?

  • After the reception is over on Friday, walk from the hotel to Friday Cheers.  A Richmond tradition with bands, beer and food!  Only costs a few dollars to get in and is a great time!  On June 6th, Futurebirds (8 p.m.) and Spirit Family Reunion (6:30 p.m.). Cost: $5
  • Try some of the best donuts in the USA from Sugar Shack!  They were just voted one of the 10 Best Donut Shops In USA!  Try their Maple Bacon, you won’t be disappointed!


There is plenty more to do in Richmond!

RVAs3c 2014 is SOLD OUT!

We are pleased to announce that RVAs3c 2014 is now sold out and we look forward to a great event! In the coming days we will provide some additional information about the conference to everyone registered.

There are still spots remaining for training classes and registration will remain open until 11:55 PM Eastern time today!

We have great training classes and instructors so sign up for training now!

See you soon!

Message From Schuyler About Training!

Hey, RVASec! I’m Schuyler, physical security guy, lockpicker, researcher, etc. I’ve been very honored to run trainings at RVASec the past 2 years, and while I feel confident that I’ve been able to bring a lot of material and hands-on experience to folks who took my classes, this year I’m trying to take a big leap forward.

While we will still be covering the traditional skills of lockpicking, this year’s class will use lock forensics as a scaffolding for teaching those concepts. I’ll be bringing my DSLR Microscope setup where we can collectively inspect the evidence left behind by various methods of entry live to the projector. Each entry technique will be explained in depth, then carried out by every attendee on locks provided to them. Once the concept is understood and successfully executed, we’ll open one of the locks under the microscope to see the tool marks left behind.
examples (1)
Each student will be trained in how to properly handle, disassemble and inspect their locks using plastic tweezers, plastic pinning trays, proper logging, and high def microscopy. The conclusion of the class will involve each student leading the class through the inspection of a mystery lock that will have been given to them at the start of the course. They will mount the specimens for everyone to see, provide analysis of the markings, and give a determination of the method of entry. The answer will have been previously provided to them in a sealed envelope. Think of it as a geekier murder mystery party.
At the end of the course students will understand and have practical experience with several methods of entry, including percussive attacks, basic picking and raking, and impressioning of cylinders. They will also have a strong foundation in the principles of lock forensics, from how to handle the lock, to tool mark analysis, to reporting their findings. I’ve been preparing for this course for years, and I’m incredibly excited to bring it to RVASec. I hope to see you there!
Only a little time left to sign up for the class!

Training Spots Still Available! Registration Closes May 30th

Tickets for training classes are still available.  Help ensure that we are able to continue to provide low cost training by attending a class and spreading the word!

The Secrets of Security with the OSSTMM
Instructor: Pete Herzog
Cost: $250

Lock Picking & Lock Forensics
Instructor: Schuyler Towne
Cost: $250

Networking for Pentesters
Instructor: Rob Fuller
Cost: $199.95

Into the Worm Hole: Metasploit for Web PenTesting
Instructor: Kizz MyAnthia
Cost: $250

Register now!