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June 5th - 6th, 2014

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Speaker feature: Kizz MyAnthia

Kizz MyAnthia @KizzMyAnthia / HP ShadowLabs Infosec specialist whose qualifications include an indepth understanding of security principals and practices; C|EH, MCSE+Security designations; and detailed knowledge of security tools, technologies and development. Seven years of security experience in the creation and deployment of solutions protecting networks, systems and information assets for diverse companies and organizations, with over […]

Speaker feature: mubix

@mubix / Hak5 Mubix is a Senior Red Teamer. His professional experience starts from his time on active duty as United States Marine. He has worked with devices and software that run gambit in the security realm. He has a few certifications, but the titles that he holds above the rest is FATHER, HUSBAND and United […]

Speaker feature: Jack Mannino, Abdullah Munawar

@jack_mannino / nVisium Jack Mannino is a Co-Founder at nVisium, a DC area firm specializing in application security. At nVisium, he helps to ensure that large corporations, government agencies, and software startups have the tools they need to build and maintain successful security initiatives. He is an active Android security researcher/tinkerer, and has a keen interest […]

Speaker feature: Pete Herzog

@peteherzog / ISECOM Pete Herzog is the managing director of ISECOM and the lead researcher behind the organization’s “10-gen” research initiative to research and evaluate new ideas at least 10 years ahead of the security industry. Pete is the creator and main writer of the OSSTMM and Hacker Highschool. Five Secrets to Building an Amazing Security […]

Speaker feature: Ray Kelly

@vbisbest / HP Fortify on Demand Ray Kelly got his start in internet security 11 years ago with SPI Dynamics. As the lead developer of WebInspect, he helped build the product into an industry leading application scanner. After the SPI’s acquisition by HP, Ray moved on to other startups such as Purewire and Barracuda Networks where […]

Speaker feature: Dan Holden & Elizabeth Martin

@desmondholden & @elizmmartin / Arbor Networks & RedLegg Dan Holden is the Director of ASERT, Arbor’s Security Engineering and Response Team, where he leads one of the most well respected security research organizations in the industry. His teams oversee the ATLAS global security intelligence database, and are responsible for threat landscape monitoring and Internet security research […]

Speaker feature: Inga Goddijn

@analoggirl11 / Risk Based Security Inga has been involved with specialty insurance coverages since 1993 and brings a wealth of experience with all facets of risk transfer. Her focus includes the strategic management of data privacy and security exposures, with an emphasis on leveraging data-driven risk assessment to build sustainable insurance programs and product profitability. As […]

Speaker feature: Seth Hanford

@SethHanford / Cisco Seth Hanford manages Cisco’s TRAC team, whose members use Cisco’s expansive security intelligence resources to detect and respond to threats and generate original research on a wide array of security topics. Prior to this role, he worked for more than a decade in vulnerability and threat intelligence. Between his roles as a Security […]

Speaker feature: Jonathan Dambrot Prevalent Networks Prevalent Networks Managing Director Jonathan Dambrot, CISSP, works with the leading organizations in the world to help better manage third party and IT related risks. Prevalent develops Prevalent Vendor Risk Manager and provides compliance automation solutions from the cloud with its Prevalent Compliance as a Service. Jonathan received his MBA from The […]

Speaker feature: Sarah Clarke

@dystonica / Genesys Telecommunications Sarah Clarke is a Senior Security Engineer at Genesys Telecommunications. She has 12 years of experience in IT, seven of which have specialized in Security. She has worked with nonprofit, government contracting, ISP, financial sector, and telecommunications organizations; currently, she is enjoying serving as application security testing and vulnerability management SME for […]